My baby turned blue because the toxic mould in our house in so bad he can’t breathe – but housing association refused to fix it

BABY Jenson lets out cries of pain between gulps of breath, struggling to pull air into his little lungs as he lies on his back.
In the first twelve months of his life, he has been in hospital 26 times, had 15 rounds of antibiotics and, at one point, mum Amanda couldn’t lay him flat because he “turned blue” – and it’s all caused by the toxic damp walls in his house.

Jenson, from Brixham, Devon, is the youngest of seven children crammed into the three-bedroom house which is so riddled with “toxic” black mould that only two rooms are habitable.
He has recently been diagnosed with reactive airways disease – a condition doctors believe is either caused or exacerbated by the “toxic” spores from the mould – but Amanda claims her housing association, Sanctuary, have refused to make repairs for over a year.

Shocking videos of the tot struggling for breath will be shown on tonight’s Dispatches: Landlords From Hell, to highlight the plight of families forced to live in substandard accommodation by the very housing associations claiming to help them.

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