Lambeth tenant is at his wits end over faulty housing association flat

A tenant has come up against his housing association when trying to get his leaky ceiling and floor fixed.

Phillip Bowak has lived in a flat opposite the Kennington Oval for the past seven years. But his floor is made of tiles which, he claims, cut the feet of him and his two-year-old daughter. He also says his roof leaks in two places every time it rains, damaging the flat’s electrics.

But he says getting things fixed is not so simple. His building is managed by the housing association Hyde Group which, he says, does not help when he needs it.

He said: “I have reported things many times. At first when it was minor, they ignored or diverted me. They pretended I was either not in and it was cancelled, or that they had completed it.

Read the full story: here

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