Heavily pregnant mum and kids living in ‘hellhole’ flat that’s so mouldy it has rotted the bed

A HEAVILY pregnant mum living with her two children in a council flat so mouldy it rotted her bed says she’s “at breaking point”.
Charley Lucas, from Keresley, Coventry is seven months pregnant and has lived in the mould-infested flat for three years.

The social housing tenant noticed the damp in June, 2017, but claims flat owners Whitefriars Housing still haven’t fixed the mould, which is so bad it broke the bed and makes her kids ill.
Charley said: “I am feeling really frustrated. It is breaking me and I’m at breaking point.

“A couple of weeks later my bed collapsed, and that was when I realised something wasn’t right.
“I contacted them and am having to fight them to get people out, and made repairs about a year and a half ago and re-plastered bedroom walls.”
The mum-of-two added: “It is on my kids’ clothes, they are constantly ill, and I’m seven months pregnant – we shouldn’t live like this.
Mould also covered her walls and she had to throw out belongings ruined by the damp.

Despite being seven months pregnant Charley said she was forced to scrub the walls with bleach to battle the mould.
She said: “I can’t move as I have nowhere else to go and they have told me they are not willing to move me as they think it is still habitable.

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